Friday, September 2, 2016

Puppet X Change: Arts of Puppetry from Japan and the Philippines


Excerpt from "The Red-Hot Love of the Greengrocer's Daughter - The Watch-Tower Scene


Oshichi, a greengrocer's daughter,is upset after she found a sword lost by her lover Kichisaburo. The price for having made such a mistake is none other than seppuku. Oshichi wishes to inform him immediately but is unable to exit the city centre as all gates are closed and will only be reopened come daybreak. However , fire alarms are an exception to this rule. A desperate Oshichi spots a watch tower in the distance and proceeds to ring the bell, knowing all to well that sounding a false alarm is a serious crime.


Toyotake Yoshihodayu, Tayu / Narrator
Tsurusawa Seiki, Shamisen Player
Yoshida Minoshiro, Puppeteer
Yoshida Tamayo, Puppeteer
Yoshida Minoyuki, Puppeteer
Kiritake Kansuke, Puppeteer

Produced by: Adventure JAPAN Inc. and AJ Adventure Japan & Malaysia Sdn. Nhd.


The Song of Baylan: Ang Awit ni Baylan


The Song of Baylan implores the Ritual of Sinuyaman, a folklore among the tribesmen of the Manobo in southern Philippines. This particular ritual leads the audience into a traditional practices of deep reverence to the Manobo regalia and clothing, the Suyam. Baylan is a mythical hero of the Manobos who was once visited by the goddess Inajo in his cave. Baylan witnessed the graceful dance movements of Inajo and saw colors of red, black, white and yellow as he tried to imitate the goodess. These are the colors of Suyam. Although the goddess has left, Baylan kept dancing and he went out of the cave to teach the Manobos of his dance. This dance later developed to the unique weaving tradition in Southern Philippines.

Teatrong Mulat Artistic Director
University Professor Emeritus
Amelia Lapena-Bonifacio

The Trail Among Animals: Ang Paghuhukom


The Trial Among Animals tells the story of King Monkey and his headache. King Monkey has decreed that no one ought to make noise and the forest became quiet and peaceful. When the Bird came to him saying that the Frog is croaking so loud, they gathered the animals to investigate, including the Turtle, the Firefly, and the Mosquito. When the Mosquito was found to be the source of it all, the King Monkey orders her to stop flying and await her punishment.


Amihan Bonifaco-Ramolete, Puppeteer
Aina Ysabel Ramolete, Puppeteer
Darwin Desoacido, Puppeteer
Raymund Ramolete, Puppeteer
Sigmund Roy Pecho, Puppeteer
Carlito Camahan, Chanter
Jessamae Gabon, Chanter
Phil monte, Musician
Roel Ramolete, Musician
Jojo Sibal, Musician 

Free Admission: August 16, 2016 | Tuesday 3:00PM and 8:00PM
Tanghalang Aurelio Tolentino (Little Theater)
Cultural Center of the Philippines, CCP Complex, Pasay City.

For More Information:

Official Facebook Event Page:

Cultural Center of the Philippines:
Telephone: (+632) 832-3706


Telephone: (+632) 811-6155 to58
email@jfmo.org.ph | www.jfmo.org.ph | www.facebook.com/jfmanila
Twitter and Instagram: @jfmanila


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