Friday, March 13, 2015

Video Clip (2007)


Mobile phones today come with a whole host of novel features to entertain their users, they’re far more than just devices to hold plain old telephone conversations. But, a dark side hides amid their use. This film features a group of people obsessed with mobile phone video recording: Ken (Paopol Thephasdin) is a mobile phone repair man who has a habit of stealing private video clips from his customers’ phones; Pub DJ Aud (Warot Pitakanonda) likes having fun with girls and records those adventures on his phone to share with others; and Gaeng (Nuttapong Tangkasam), the pub owner who creates a porn website featuring mobile phone video clips. However, none of the characters realise their mobile phone habit is to become a threat to their lives. The horror that awaits them reaches way beyond their wildest imagination.

This story could happen to any easily influenced teenager. It's actually based on a true event in Thailand a high school student who commit suicide after an homemade video recorded on her cell phone was released ... About the movie it's a thriller, good acting, Thai movie maker have a lot of potential, there is a lot of movie not just Ong-bak & Tom yum goong but maybe there is not enough export for oversea. It's worth it too watch you won't lose your time.

P.S: I've watched it in original subtract although I'm French so I don't know if the movie is dubbed it will affect to quality of the movie. Should be rated for under 15 For sexual content and violence.


§  Movie: Video Clip
§  Thai: วิดีโอคลิป
§  Director: Pakphum Wonjinda
§  Cast: Ngamsiri Arsira-Lertsiri, Warot Pitakanonda, Nuttapong Tangkasam, Sumonrat Wattanaselarat
§  Cinematographer:
§  Release Date: July 26, 2007
§  Runtime: 78 min.
§  Language: Thai
§  Country: Thailand
§  IMDb Ratings: 4.6/10


Today, cellphone is a current innovation that comes along with various options to entertain the users more than just talking, but the dark side hidden. The film displays the people who's obsessed by cellphone's clip recording; Ken, a cellphone repairer who likes stealing private clips from his customer's phones, Pub DJ Ood who enjoys having fun with girls and records his clips for sharing, and Keang, the pub owner who founds a porn site with lots of clips to be seen online. They never realize how the handy device like cellphone will threaten their life more than they imagine.





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