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SuckSeed (2011)


Suckseed is a Thai Romantic Comedy film centered on friendship. It's a story of three high school boys who wants to make it big as a rock band even though they obviously don't have talent in music. This movie was simply A-Mazing. I'm usually not the kind of guy to watch teen comedies or that such, but this movie was so good. I had to write my first review for this film. This film really made me laugh out loud literally nearly every five minutes and the rest of the time, with a broad smile. Not only is it funny, but the story and acting are also executed perfectly. As the story gets more emotional near the end, it really shows us another side of the movie that really makes it great: the value true friendship and love. It may sound like a really corny film for a macho guy to watch but I guarantee you that you'll enjoy it if you're under 30. I think this film should receive more attention because nearly everyone thinks thai film makers only make horror and tony jaa films. No one would really expect such a movie coming from the same famous film production company that made those good horror movies.

The acting is excellent, especially Ped. I imagine that for an actor playing that type of withdrawn, shy character must be a real challenge. And while the relationship between Ped and Ern seems to be the center, it's really the relationship between the boys, Ped and Koong that is what holds the film together. Their break up and reunion had a palpable realness to it that really hit me. Poor Ped just can't figure out how to ask for what he wants or needs from anyone. So he is a bit isolated. You feel really sad for him when he loses the girl and the boy. The music is great. And I also enjoyed the cameos from the music stars. Definitely worth checking out!

SuckSeed (2011)


§  Movie: SuckSeed
§  Thai: SuckSeed ห่วยขั้นเทพ (SuckSeed: Huay Khan Thep)
§  Director: Chayanop Boonprakob
§ Cast: Jirayu Laongmanee, Pachara Chirathivat, Thawat Pornrattanaprasert, Nattasha Nauljam
§  Release Date: March 17, 2011
§  Runtime: 130 min.
§  Distributor: GMM Tai Hub
§  Language: Thai
§  Country: Thailand
§  IMDb Ratings: 7.6/10
§  Box office: US$2,600,673


As a young boy, Ped was a geeky kid who held a crush on classmate Ern. When Ern moved away with her family to Bangkok, Ped was crushed.

Now in high school, Ped and Ern are reunited after she backs to her hometown and attends the same school. Ped's best friend Koong then hatches a plan to get the attention of Ern and other girls. They will form a rock band! The boys are in for a bigger surprise when they learn Ern is a talented guitarist and joins their band. A talent show competition looms ahead for the band, while Ped and Koong find themselves vying for the attention of Ern ....


SuckSeed (2011)

SuckSeed (2011)

SuckSeed (2011)


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