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Ponyo: On the Cliff by the Sea (2008)


This film had most of the elements of a great Miyazaki anime: cute characters, wonderful key animation, a great soundtrack composed by Joe Hisaishi and the warm story telling giving you the feeling of watching a high quality Japanese animation film. The purpose of this film was obviously to entertain small children with a simple story lineAs for the artwork, it's very typical of one of these Japanese films, though there was one noticeable change. There was a very extensive use of what looked like colored pencils for the backgrounds. This was NOT a bad thing at all--the lovely pastel-like look was very pleasing and unique. 

The presence of the elements, wind, rain, and the sea with its great, powerful waves, is so strong that I think it has never been evoked in such a way in any other movie. Ponyo is a beautiful animated film with some dark undertones. It features a kid-sized story of longing and love with ecological implications, but it is not preachy. Hayao Miyazaki has fused Andersen's Little Mermaid with Japan's native myths and his trademark steam punk flights of fancy, and the result is very rewarding. There are some scary moments of ocean side storms and flooding, but they are thrilling, not horrific.

Miyazaki's Studio Ghibli shows his wonderful touch animating, infusing life, in every little action of the characters in Ponyo. When Sosuke puts down so carefully his little boat to reach for the red fish you know that you'll have a very good time watching this movie. 

Ponyo: On the Cliff by the Sea (2008)


§  Movie: Ponyo on the Cliff / Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea
§  Romaji: Gake no ue no Ponyo
§  Japanese: 崖の上のポニョ
§  Director: Hayao Miyazaki
§  Cast: Tomoko Yamaguchi, Kazushige Nagashima, Yūki Amami, George Tokoro, Yuria Nara, Hiroki Doi, Rumi Hiiragi, Akiko Yano, Kazuko Yoshiyuki, Tomoko Naraoka
§  Release Date: July 19, 2008
§  Runtime: 100 min.
§  Genre: Animation / Award Winning
§  Movie Studio: Studio Ghibli
§  Distributor: Toho
§  Language: Japanese
§  Country: Japan
§  IMDb Ratings: 7.7/10
§  Budget: ¥3.4 billion (US$34 million)
§  Box office: US$201,750,937


Inspired by the fairy tale "The Little Mermaid" by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen, the film tells the story of a a young mermaid, Ponyo, who runs away from her home in the sea. She gets stranded on the shore and is rescued by Sosuke, a five-year-old boy who lives on a cliff. However, they must part ways because of Ponyo's father, Fujimoto.


Ponyo: On the Cliff by the Sea (2008)

Ponyo: On the Cliff by the Sea (2008)

Ponyo: On the Cliff by the Sea (2008)


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