Friday, January 23, 2015

Chocolate (2008)


This movie is fantastic! Another masterpiece from Prachya Pinkaew, the guy who brought us the action masterpieces Ong Bak and Tom Yum Goong -aka- The Protector. The martial arts choreography is simply superb. The same old fights you've seen in a million other movies (especially American Hollywood films filled with so much Karate and pro boxing garbage with only straight punches and usually no kicks or very weak straight kicks) pale in comparison with the diversity that this film offers in terms of different moves. You will be in awe at the acrobatics the human body can do while doing free form Muay Thai. 

I can't think of any martial arts film I've seen that had moves any better than what is hereand top it with some really brutal work for the stunt guys - and yes it's all being done by a little girl, but you won't have much trouble at all believing she could really do it. It's a shame that most people will probably never see this actress, just because she didn't happen to be born in an English-speaking country. Also contrary to other claims made by one reviewer , there are no wires used in this movie and the blooper reel at the end of the film reveal that Miss Yanin's kicks actually did hurt some of the stunt men but I guess some people we're too busy thinking of stuff to criticize the film about to really notice the great fight choreography or maybe they should be watching something more cerebrally challenge and artistic fare like "The Diving Bell and The Butterfly" and stay away from immensely entertaining films like Tom Yum Goong, Born To Fight, and this one.



Movie: Chocolate 
Thai: ช็อคโกแลต (Sang sattawat) 
Director: Prachya Pinkaew  
Cast: Yanin Vismitananda, Ammara Siripong, Hiroshi Abe, Pongpat Wachirabunjong
Release Date: February 
Runtime: 110 min
Language: Thai
Country: Thailand
Budget: 150 million baht ($4.8 million)
IMDb: 7.0/10


In Thailand, in the year 2008, the knives are taking over. A young autistic woman named Zen (JeeJa Yanin) has developed uncanny martial arts skills by watching television, and from living next door to a Muay Thai academy. The girl is the daughter of Zin (Ammara Siripong), the Thai wife of Yakuza boss Masashi (Hiroshi Abe).

Zin was previously the girlfriend of Thai gangster No. 8 (Pongpat Wachirabunjong), who was jealous of her relationship with rival gangster Masashi. After Zin chose Masashi, he shot his own toe and forbids Zin from ever seeing him again. Zin asks Masashi to go back to Japan as they would not be able to be together safely. He begrudgingly leaves.

Zin then falls ill with cancer, and does not have the money to pay for treatments. Zen and Muum attempt to make money to pay for these treatments by having people throw balls at her as a street performer. Unfortunately they are not able to earn enough to keep up with the treatments. One day, Muum discovers a list of debtors in an old notebook, from the days when Zin was a high-interest moneylender under No. 8. In order to get money to pay for her mother's cancer treatment, Zen and Moom decide to collect on the debts, which leads to confrontations with various criminal gangs and, eventually, No. 8.






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