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Load Central Retailer Manual a Webtool Guide

Retailer Manual - Webtool

The LoadCentral retailer’s role is to sell to customers any of over 90 products in the
LoadCentral platform. These products are classified as follows:

1. Mobile phone e-Loads or e-PINs
2. Online game e-PINs
3. Satellite cards, prepaid landline cards, and other prepaid products

I. Starting out as a retailer

1. Open your web browser (MS Internet Explorer recommended) and go to the
LoadCentral Webtool website, http://loadcentral.net

Load Central Retailer Manual a Webtool Guide

2. Log in to your retailer account by keying in your assigned username and password. The username will be given to you by LoadCentral head office or your sub-dealer. The initial password is 123456. Click on the Sign in button. 

Load Central Retailer Manual a Webtool Guide

3. Once signed in, click on the “Change Password” link. 

Load Central Retailer Manual a Webtool Guide

4. To change the password, populate all the fields. Key in the ff:

i. your username,

ii. your FL or SMS password (123456)

iii. your current SL or Webtool password (123456) 

iv. your new 6-digit SL or Webtool password.

v. again, your new 6-digit SL or Webtool password for verification.

Once all fields are populated, click on the “Change SL Password” button. A verification
message will appear, e.g. : “SL Password for retailer1a changed.” near the top of the

Load Central Retailer Manual a Webtool Guide

5. Click on the Log out” link and then log in again using your new SL or Webtool password. If you already have credits in your load wallet, then you may start selling prepaid products to customers. 

Load Central Retailer Manual a Webtool Guide

II. Selling Prepaid products 

1. When a customer wishes to purchase any prepaid product, we select first the “ELOAD PRODUCTS” category then the specific product from the drop-down menu of “Product”. For example, the customer wants to buy a Smart Eload 15, and his/her mobile number is 09191234567; you may now select the said product from the drop-down menu and type in the mobile number in the appropriate fields. Once all details are accurate, click on “Sell Product”. A confirmation message will appear on top regarding the successful sale transaction. The customer now waits for his e-load to get to his mobile phone, and will, in turn, pay for his purchase. 

Load Central Retailer Manual a Webtool Guide

2. If the product requires and optional parameter (usually, this is Globe Autoloadmax PhP15-150 variable denomination or Dream Smartcard). To illustrate for Globe Autoloadmax, select the specific product, key in the customer’s mobile number, and in the “Optional parameter field”, key in the denomination (e.g. for P40 worth, key in 40) that the customer desires to purchase. Click on “Sell Product”. A confirmation message will appear regarding the transaction.

Load Central Retailer Manual a Webtool Guide

3. If the product sold to a customer is an e-PIN, we just select the “CALL CARDS” product category then the specific product from the drop-down menu of “Product” (e.g. Smart Buddy 300) and key in the customer’s mobile phone number. For multiple purchases of the same product to the same customer, we can set how many products (maximum of 10) we want to sell in the “Quantity” field. For example, we want to sell four (4) Smart Buddy 300 e-PINs, totaling P1200 in value. We type in “4” in the Quantity field and click on “Sell Product”. A confirmation message will appear, and we can once again collect the payment from the customer. 

Load Central Retailer Manual a Webtool Guide

4. There are times when a customer’s mobile phone has poor or no signal at the time of his purchase. If and only if the customer purchased an e-PIN, we can “push” the system to resend the customer’s last e-PIN purchase. This action does NOT deduct anything from your load wallet as we are only resending the exact same e-PIN that we sold to that customer. Note also that this works only for the last e-PIN that a customer purchased. To resend the customer’s e-PIN, simply key in the customer’s mobile phone number and click on the “Submit” button. 

Load Central Retailer Manual a Webtool Guide

III. Monitoring Sales Transactions and Earnings

You may use the Webtool to generate a detailed report of all the transactions within a chosen start date and a chosen end date. The retailer may choose these dates by clicking on the small calendar icons below the “Start Date” and “End Date” fields then generate the report by clicking on the “Submit” button. LoadCentral recommends a daily generation of reports so that the retailer does not have to wait very long to generate a monthly report or a weekly report. 

Load Central Retailer Manual a Webtool Guide

The retailer earns an average of 10.3% across all LoadCentral products. When This can be seen in the “Earnings” column of the sales transaction report. For a complete list of products and their corresponding earnings, please refer to the LoadCentral discount structure for retailers. 

IV. Customer Support

For Customer Service support, you may contact LoadCentral’s Customer Service
Representatives through:

Text Hotline : 0928-5067310
Landline : (02) 441-2407, 441-2414, 441-5356 to 57
Email : help@loadcentral.com.ph
Google Talk : new.acct.lc@gmail.com

LoadCentral highly encourages the retailer to set up their own Google Talk accounts. Instant messaging is one of the most efficient ways for the Customer Service team toassist the retailer with their LoadCentral concerns.

Customer Service Support schedules are as follows:

Monday to Saturday : 9:00am to 10:00pm
Sunday : 10:00am to 6:00pm

V. Reloading the Retailer Load Wallet

A. For retailers under a LoadCentral-Registered Dealer or Sub-dealer Account – contact your sub-dealer and request for a reload of your load wallet. Payment terms are to be set between the retailer and the sub-dealer themselves.

B. For retailers registered directly under the LoadCentral Head Office - For the initial load wallet, retailer has to prepare a minimum of PhP 1,000 (one thousand pesos only). Note that registration is free and the entire amount will be converted into their load wallet, and that this load wallet has no expiration date. 

How to replenish or top up load wallet on Load Central

Here's how to top up:

Step by Step Direct Bank Deposit:
Step 1: Choose which bank you want to deposit

- Deposit via Metrobank:
Account Name: Uniwiz Trade Sales, Inc.
Bank/Branch: Metrobank - Legaspi Village, Makati Branch
Account #: Savings Account # 055-3-0555-17640

- Deposit via Banco De Oro (BDO)
Account Name: Uniwiz Trade Sales, Inc.
Bank/Branch: Banco De Oro - Salcedo Branch, Makati City
Account #: Savings Account # 2530013337

- Deposit via Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)
Account Name: Uniwiz Trade Sales, Inc.
Bank/Branch: BPI - Pasay Road
Account #: Current Account # 9661014633

- Deposit via Smart MoneyAccount Name: Uniwiz
Account #: 5577 5113 2164 6117

Step 2: Install Google Talk
*If you already have Google Talk, add this email LC.VerUniwiz@gmail.com

Step 3: Send message to LC.VerUniwiz@gmail.com with the following format below
Load Central Username:
Date and Time of Deposit:
Bank Name:
Branch and Branch Code:
Amount Deposited:
Sample format below:
Load Central Username: 639171234567
Date and Time of Deposit: March 10 / 11:51:32am
Bank Name: BDO
Branch and Branch Code: Congressional, 321
Amount Deposited: P5,000

Step 4: Wait for the confirmation code from LC.VerUniwiz@gmail.com
*It usually takes 15 minutes to 2 hours to get your load after the confirmation.

Thats it! Your done For full details, visit the link below

Or you could load directly to us if you are near Poject 8 Quezon City We also accept Direct Deposit via BPI, BDO, and GCash.

How to sell eload via SMS or using a Cellphone
Log in to your webtool account (loadcentral.net), then click View Products, you will see all the codes there under Product Code/SMS Code

Use this following format:
<Product Code> <SL password> <Number of Buyer>
Then send to one of Load Central's Access Numbers
Sample Format below: (Loading Smart 30)
Sm30 123456 09187654321
Send to 639229990214

Load Central Landline Numbers:
Please Call: (02) 4415164 - (02) 4415171 - (02) 4415357 - (02) 4415356 - (02) 4412414 - (02) 4412407 - (02) 4416238 - (02) 4416239
(9:00 am to 10:00 pm, Mon. to Sat. and 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, Sun.)
*Tip: Use Google Talk to verify your deposits if the lines are busy.

Email Verification:
Official ADMIN email: admin@loadcentral.com.ph wherein you can email your deposit details for verification.

Text/SMS Verification:
BDO Deposit Verification SMS Syntax
DEP<space>RegName<comma>UserName/Registered Number<comma>BDO<comma>BranchName<comma>BranchCode<comma>Date<comma>Time<comma>Amount Send to 09285083355

BPI Deposit Verification SMS Syntax
DEP<space>RegName<comma>UserName/Registered Number<comma>BPI<comma>BranchName<comma>BranchCode<comma>Date<comma>
Time<comma>Amount Send to 09285083355

Metrobank Deposit Verification SMS Syntax
DEP<space>RegName<comma>UserName/Registered Number <comma>MBTC<comma> BranchName <comma>Date<comma>Time<comma> Amount Send to 09285083355

Smart Money Deposit Verification SMS Syntax
DEP<space>RegName<comma>UserName/RegisteredNumber<comma>SM<comma>ReferenceNum<comma>Date<comma>Time<comma> Amount Send to 09285083355

BDO-IB Deposit Verification SMS Syntax
DEP<space>RegName<comma>UserName/RegisteredNumber<comma>BDO-IB<comma>ReferenceNumber<comma>Date<coma>Time<comma> Amount Send to 09285083355

BPI-IB Deposit Verification SMS Syntax
DEP<space>RegName<comma>UserName/RegisteredNumber<comma>BPI-IB<comma>ConfirmationNumber<comma>Date<comma>Time<comma> Amount
Send to 09285083355

MBTC –IB Deposit Verification SMS Syntax
DEP<space>RegName<comma>UserName/RegisteredNumber<comma>MBTC-IB<comma>Sequence Number<comma>Date<comma>Time<comma> Amount
Send to 09285083355

For Follow Up SMS Syntax
TYPE FF<space>Registered Number<space>BANK<space>Date and Time of Deposit/ Transfer Send to 09285083355

For Other Concerns with Verification SMS Syntax
TYPE DEP<space>MSG<comma>Message to Verification<comma>Registered Number
Send to 09285083355

To get Correct FORMATS, type: GETDeposit/Transfer MethodEX example: GET BDO EX

Load Central Access/Gateway Numbers: Main SMS Center gateway - 639229990214
Back-up access numbers - 09209456856, 09209456857, 09178662418, 09228504340.
http://loadcentral.com.ph/advisory_ae39b46e.html *Tip: Use your Sun Cellular Personal Number and Register free txt for 1 month for only P150

How to Resolve "Access Denied" Problems:
Send to 09209456856

How to Reset your Webtool Password:
Type this syntax on your mobile phone
Reset Webtool
Send to 09285067310

How to Reset your SMS/FL Password:
Type this syntax on your mobile phone
Reset SMS
Send to 09285067310

Need a Load Central Account? 
Any questions?
txt us at 09428451513
Email us at teamlcsuccess@gmail.com

Source: http://loadcentral.com.ph/

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