Friday, July 31, 2015

How to become a Load Central Retailer?

A Load Central Retailer is the one who sells prepaid load products such as cellphone prepaid, call cards, gaming cards, internet cards, and other prepaid load. Retailing can be done through one cellphone and one SIM, or though the use of the webtool. No more need to buy expensive retailer SIM from Globe, Smart, and Sun and no more need to maintain any physical card inventory.

How to become a Load Central Retailer?

LoadCentral is highly recommended for internet shop owners, online store owners, and other persons who use the internet. Use this at your own risk if you plan to sell prepaid load for business using your cellphone only, since there are sometimes occasions of delays for text-based transactions. For fast transactions, please use the webtool. Rest assured that Load Central is still the Philippines number 1 and undisputed universal loading platform.

  • Registration is free. Registration will be processed as soon as we have received the completed form.
  • Additional Instructions and codes will be sent to the email address you provided after registration is complete. So provide a valid email address only. In case you do not see our e-mail in your inbox folder, please check your spam/junk folder or email me to this address at teamlcsuccess@gmail.com to resend instructions and codes.
  • Initial loadwallet credit of Php100 should be done within 5 days after retailer SIM activation to avoid retailer account being locked.
  • Newly registered LoadCentral retailer needs to change passwords before 12 midnight Manila time. For security purposes, LoadCentral’s system automatically locks all newly registered accounts that have not yet changed their default passwords. SMS (FL) and webtool (SL) passwords should not be the same.

Complete information needed to be a LoadCentral Retailer:

Please provide all the necessary details needed for your registration. Send the following information through this form.
  • Last Name | First Name | Middle Initial
  • Address | City | Province
  • ID Type | If Others, enter type of ID here | ID Number :
  • Email Address 
  • Mobile number to register as a Retailer: Sample format 09221234567
Please send it to my email address at teamlcsuccess@gmail.com or Text to 09428451513. Thank you!!!!

How to become a Load Central Retailer?

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