Tuesday, July 21, 2015

BPI Credit Card: Free rewards and Get freebies From Jollibee or Red Ribbon!

So many installment possibilities, now with free rewards! Get freebies from Jollibee or Red Ribbon when you pay for anything on installment from July 1 to September 30, 2015.

BPI Credit Card: Free rewards and Get freebies From Jollibee or Red Ribbon!


1. The promo is open to all existing principal BPI Express Credit Cardholders:

BPI Credit Card: Free rewards and Get freebies From Jollibee or Red Ribbon!

The following BPI Credit Cards are NOT qualified: BPI Family Bank MasterCard, BPI Express Credit Corporate Classic and BPI Express Credit Corporate MasterCard.

2. Promo period is from July 1 to September 30, 2015. Redemption period is from July 1 to November 30, 2015.

3. To qualify, cardholder should use any of the QUALIFIED BPI Express Credit card within the promo period for a minimum single receipt transaction of P3,000, P12,000 or P25,000 at any of the following:
  • Any merchant that accepts installment.
  • SIP for School
  • SIP for Hospital
  • Balance Transfer
  • Credit-to-Cash

  • Only installment (S.I.P) transactions are qualified.
  • Transactions from these businesses are NOT qualified for the promo: casino/gambling, money transfers, quasi cash financial institution, political organizations and bail & bond payment.
4. Cardholder can redeem any of the featured food item(s) at any participating Jollibee OR Red Ribbon store nationwide. Required minimum single receipt transaction and their corresponding free food items are as follows:

BPI Credit Card: Free rewards and Get freebies From Jollibee or Red Ribbon!

5. To redeem the free food item(s), cardholder must register his BPI Express Credit 16-digit Customer Number ONCE for free through SMS and/or e-mail using the following format:

a. For E-mail: Type the 16-digit Customer Number in the subject line and e-mail to sip@bpithrills.ph

Example : To sip@bpithrills.ph

Subject: 0201001234567890

b. For SMS  : Text IM REG SIPTHRILLS <16-digit Customer Number> and send to 2256

Example : IM REG SIPTHRILLS 0201001234567890

For prepaid mobile subscribers, P1.00 maintaining balance is required to text 2256 keywords.

BPI Express Credit 16-digit Customer Number may be found in either the Statement of Account or BPI Express Online:

BPI Credit Card: Free rewards and Get freebies From Jollibee or Red Ribbon!

6. One-time registration mechanics:

a. Only the principal cardholder is allowed to register for the promo, but all supplementary cardholders’ transactions will earn SIP Thrills coupons.

b. Cardholder may choose to register using his mobile number and/or e-mail address.

c. Cardholder may choose to register his mobile number AND e-mail address at the same time or at different times.

d. Cardholder’s mobile number and/or e-mail address used for the registration MUST be the same as his contact details in BPI Express Credit’s system records. 

e. If the mobile number and/or e-mail address does not match with BPI Express Credit’s system records, cardholder will be required to update his contact information through any of the following channels:
  • BPI Express Phone 89-100
  • BPI Express Online (Account Maintenance à Update Account Information à Credit Card)
  • BPI Branches
Note: Cardholder may register after two (2) banking days from date of contact information update.

7. Cardholder will receive an SMS and/or e-mail auto-reply to confirm receipt of his registration entry.

8. After validation of the registration entry, cardholder will receive an SMS and/or e-mail notification within two (2) banking days from registration date:

a. Successful registration

  • Cardholder will automatically receive his SIP Thrills coupons for all qualified and posted transactions (from principal and supplementary cards) starting July 1, 2015 until the registration date.
  • Example
    • Registration Date : July 15, 2015
    • Confirmation Date : July 16, 2015
    • 1st Batch of Coupons : July 16, 2015 (for qualified and posted transactions from July 1 – 15, 2015)
    • Succeeding Coupons : After one (1) banking day from posting date
    • Cardholder will receive SIP Thrills coupons for succeeding qualified transactions until September 30, 2015.
  • SIP Thrills coupon(s) will be sent to the mobile number and/or e-mail address used for the registration.
  • For SIP Thrills coupons through e-mail sending, cardholder may also check his spam/junk mail settings as he may have inadvertently instructed the e-mail address provider to block/transfer promotional e-mails to another folder.
  • Cardholder is allowed to receive a maximum of one hundred (100) SIP Thrills coupons within the redemption period.  Cardholder who reached the maximum limit will be notified via SMS and/or e-mail.
b. BPI Express Credit will provide the reason for unsuccessful registration to the cardholder.

9. Cardholder must present the SIP Thrills coupon at any Jollibee OR Red Ribbon store nationwide to claim the free food item(s). Cardholder without the SIP Thrills coupon will not be allowed to redeem.

10. One (1) SIP Thrills coupon is equivalent to one (1) free food redemption.  Each SIP Thrills coupon can only be used once.

11. Redemption is valid for dine-in and take out only.

12. Cardholder can forward the SIP Thrills mobile coupon through SMS and/or e-mail to another person of his choice.

13. For lost mobile phones:

a. If same mobile number, cardholder may request for resending of all previously issued and unclaimed SIP Thrills coupons;

b. If new mobile number, cardholder must update his customer information first prior to registration of the new mobile number.  Succeeding SIP Thrills coupons will be sent to the new mobile number.

14. A single purchase transaction requires only one approval.  Splitting into smaller transaction sizes, and consequently, requiring multiple transaction approvals will not be allowed.

15. In case of dispute, the decision of BPI with the concurrence of DTI shall be considered final.

16. The free Jollibee or Red Ribbon food item(s) cannot be exchanged for cash, other products or discounts.

17. BPI is authorized to give necessary information to its third-party contractor or agent to perform or complete the redemption process of the Jollibee and Red Ribbon free food items.

18. The cardholder should use their qualified BPI Express Credit Card to avail of the promo and Special Installment Plan (S.I.P.) for a minimum purchase of Php 3,000 on select items and terms. All transactions are subject to BPI Authorizations approval.

19. The approved installment transaction is automatically deducted from the cardholder’s available regular credit limit.

20. If cardholder decides to pre-terminate his (S.I.P.) transaction prior to the first billing, BPI Express Credit will charge a pre-termination fee of Php 500 plus an additional 2% interest on the principal amount. If the pre-termination is done after the 1st billing, monthly payment shall first be applied to the interest then to the principal using the diminishing balance method plus a pre-termination fee of Php 500.

21. The terms and conditions governing the issuance of the BPI Express Credit and the reminders and other provisions contained in the card carriers, statement of account, charge slips and other documents or instruments, which are made an integral part hereof by reference, shall likewise be resorted to instances where they are applicable in this offer.

Per DTI-FTEB SPD Permit no. 8569, Series of 2015.

Promo period is from July 1, 2015to September 30, 2015
Redemption period is from July 1, 2015 to November 30, 2015

Contact Number: 
89-100 for Metro Manila 1-800-188-89100 for domestic toll-free calls (where available)

Source: http://www.bpicards.com/RealThrills/Details/2544


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