Monday, June 1, 2015

My Maginhawa Foodie Diaries: Rojo Oven Baked Boneless Chicken

FOOD!!! one sunday afternoon, I and my small group decided to dine at one of the restaurants in Maginhawa street. So while walking at the well known food capital of quezon city, my eye caught a unique restaurant... the name of the restaurant is Rojo.

Then I ask myself, what's in there? my curiosity pulled me inside the restaurant and I discovered that Rojo restaurant is offering a different concept in roasting chicken.

Rojo is located at 108 Maginhawa Street, Teachers Village, Quezon City.

Rojo is located at 108 Maginhawa Street, Teachers Village, Quezon City( 02 931 0477 or 02 370 4784). Is your home is far from maginhawa? don't worry rojo has branch in Ortigas Avenue San Juan Metro Manila you can contact them at (02) 654 5296.

Rojo restaurant offered limited variety of salver, but don't worry the dish that they offer are exceptional in it's unique way of cooking... a baked goodness! :)

Are you craving for there baked goodness? 
the platter that they offer are relatively expensive... but Delectable! 

The prices ranges from P100-250.00
If you decided to dine-in with your date, please prefer P500.00 (good for 2pax).

Okay! back to our story... due to limited budget, I and my small group decided to order their cheapest platter. that salven is... 
Rojo shepherd's pie. Wondering what's with shepherd's pie? this baked goodness, oooohhhh soooooo delicious! :)

Presenting Rojo Shepherd's Pie!
wondering what it's relish?
the flavor of this pie is taste like lasagna BUT mas masarap sa lasagna (super delicious than lasagna)... The difference? mash potato! yes, you read it right... Mash potato. The flavor of this dish pop out in my mouth and it's toothsome goodness makes me want to eat rice. For me this shepherd's pie is a good partner with rice or java rice.
My comment is, this platter is too oily but the over all presentation, taste, quality and quantity of serving is POP NA POP!

I know what you are thinking! you want to eat na no? what you are waiting for?! Goraaaaa na guyssss! P.S please order the boneless baked chicken for me and kindly comment here in my blog. I want to know the taste! thank you and God Bless! :)


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