Tuesday, May 26, 2015

My Maginhawa Foodie Diaries: Adobo To' at Maginhawa Street

Hi Food Buddies!  This is Sy again, and I will share my toothsome feat in Maginhawa Street.
Are you Excited?! okay... let's get in on!

Maginhawa Street was known as food capital of Quezon City, obviously because of it's finest restaurants that offers cheap but palatable delicacies for those food geeks like me.

My story start's here, my bestfriend/food buddy invited me to eat at Adobo To'... she said "sy let's eat adobo flakes at Adobo To'!" and my reaction is "masarap ba dun? (Is the food in that restaurant is tasty?)... Her reaction is "YES! let's eat there!" soooooo.... as a food lover, we decided to eat at Adobo To'. However, the Adobo flakes that she was craving that time was out of stocked. Disappointment filled our faced that time. So I asked "what is your best seller here?" the crew said "Adobong binaguongan (Adobo mixed with shrimp paste).

Adobong binagu-ongan (Adobo mixed with shrimp paste)?... when I heard it, It feels queerer because how come an adobo could be mixed with shrimp paste? but my uncertainties turn into twisted palatable food trip ever! I couldn't imagine that a plain Adobo could be much delicious like this... a unique mouth watering sea food Adobo taste make us want to eat rice more and more! It's taste isn't salty nor too sweet... the flavor of this dish is just right. soupcon shrimp paste blended well with adobo that for sure you will surely loved!

Ohhhhh well! that is just the start! if your cravings want you eat right now... pause for a moment, because the next Adobo dish that I will share will surely make you to turn your car in this place to have your dinner!

Cheesy Adobo! you read it right!
Cheesy Adobo... Personally I really love this flavor, because first I love cheese second I do love cheese and third I'm inlove with cheese! The ordinary Adobo that you known turns to Cheesy creamy savoring Adobo I discovered. A super affordable yet soooooo delicious food that will surely make you come back again!

Are you a Rice lover? don't worry, Adobo To' offers Unli Rice for P15.00 per person only!
don't worry their rice isn't NFA rice but a quality rice that you will surely love! :)

Now, let's talk about ventilation... The place is nice a medieval Filipino style restaurant setting. The ventilation is a kind of okay for us though they doesn't have air-conditioning the whiff can come through because they have big Door and windows. However we have a comment in their kitchen, I suggest that the restaurant owner put exhaust fan... because, the kitchen is too near at the dining place, we breathe their cooking.

Adobo To' Menu:
Not a Abodo buddy? don't worry they offer other delicacies that you will surely love!
Please Note this: No Smoking in this restaurant

For More details you can visit their restaurant at Sikatuna village, Maginhawa Street or

Thank you for Reading! Have a Blissful food feat Guyssss! God Bless you!

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