Friday, May 1, 2015

BPI Family Ka-Negosyo Business Loans

From upstart to upscale, doing business made easy. With BPI Family Ka-negosyo Business Loans,  you are equipped with affordable financing to make it easy for you to realize your business plans and seize opportunities today.

BPI Family Ka-Negosyo Business Loans



Putting up a profitable franchise business couldn't be easier when you partner with the right bank and  and franchise brand. Reliable partners, trusted franchise brands, and affordable payment teerms - sagot 'yan ng BPI Family Ka-negosyo Franchising Loan.
  • Pay lite: Pay only for interest during the first 6 months.
  • Choose from list of tried-and-tested franchises: Ka-Negosyo Best List
  • No Collateral Option: Exclusive for Ka-Negosyo Best List Brands
There's a perfect franchise brand for you! Visit and choose from the list of our recommended franchise brands, the Ka-Negosyo Best List.

The Franchise Finder provides a comprehensive catalogue of these brands containing valuable information about the franchise, prevailing franchise packages, and updated contact information so you can easily get in touch with the franchise owner.


Growing your business. Easy. Generate bigger opportunities, cater to a wider market, enhance productivity, and boost competitiveness. Time to grow, time to expand! Advancing your business to new heights - madali lang with BPI Family  Ka-Negosyo Term Loan.

Whether you use it for working capital or business expansion, refinancing, or even to open up and develop new business ventures, we can customize our loan solutions to suit your short-term and long-term business needs.
  • Minimum loan amount of P500,000

BPI Family Ka-Negosyo Business Loans


Business opportunities constantly emerge; sometimes, they even come unexpectedly. With instant access to funds, it's easy to seize or create business opportunities anytime, whereever you are. Ready ka nang dumiskarte sa negosyo with BPI Family Ka-Negosyo Credit Line.
  • Multi access: Withdraw via ATM here and abroad, issue checks, swipe with EPS, or transfer funds online.
  • Multi-purpose: Pay suppliers, pay inventories, or take on unexpected investment opportunities on the spot.

BPI Family Ka-Negosyo Business Loans

Visit BPI branches:
Call: 754-NEGO (6346) | Text: 0922-869-NEGO (6346)
Website: | Visit: BPI or BPI Family Savings Bank Branch


Bacolod - (034) 707-9788, (034) 709-1767
Baguio - (075) 523-4679
Cabanatuan - (044) 600-3898, (044) 940-3944
Cagayan De Oro - (08822) 726-929, (088) 856-4466, (088) 856-2902
Cebu - (032) 231-3097, (032) 231-6318, (032) 415-7600
Dagupan - (075) 523-4679
Davao - (082) 235-3558, (082) 235-3560, (082) 234-4272
Gen. Santos - (083) 552-0131
Iloilo - (033) 509-5656, (033) 509-8383, (033) 337-8025
Laoag - (077) 771-5134
Lipa - (043) 757-0455, (043) 757-4427
Los Banos - (049) 501-1903
Lucena - (043) 757-0455
Naga- (054) 472-1670
Quezon - (042) 373-1688
San Fernando - (045) 961-6834, (045) 961-8430
Zamboanga - (062) 991-2168

BPI Family Savings Bank: is a subsidiary of Bank of the Philippines Islands.


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