Monday, May 25, 2015

BPI Express Credit Card: Enjoy lifetime waiver of annual fees with!

BPI Express Credit Card: Enjoy lifetime waiver of annual fees with!

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1. New-to-BPI primary credit card applications for identified card types that are subsequently approved will enjoy free for life membership fees.

2. Applications must be for the following credit card types to qualify:
  • BPI Blue MasterCard
  • BPI Gold MasterCard
  • Petron-BPI MasterCard
  • BPI Edge MasterCard
  • BPI Amore Visa
  • BPI Amore Platinum Visa
  • BPI SkyMiles MasterCard
  • BPI SkyMiles Platinum MasterCard
  • BPI Family Bank Credit Card

3. Applications must be received from May1 to May 31, 2015 to qualify.

4. Approved applications must have at least P5,000 spend* within three months upon receipt of his/her BPI / BFB Credit Card.
  • Including online transactions, Straight or S.I.P transactions or combination of both

5. For applications with multiple card types, free for life membership fees will apply to the first approved qualified card type only.

6. Applications may be submitted through any of the following channels:
  • BPI or BPI Family Bank Branches
  • BPI Direct Sales Agents (Internal and 3rd party accredited)
  • BPI Cards website (www.bpicards.com)
  • BPI Outbound Sales Agents
  • Product Bundle with Auto Loans and Housing Loans

7. The following applications are not qualified:
  • Existing BPI / BFB cardholders applying for a second credit card
  • Accounts with cancelled principal card/s from May 1, 2014 onwards.

8. Applications are subject to verification and evaluation. BPI reserves the right to decline, terminate and cancel applications.

9. In case of disputes, the decision of BPI with the concurrence of DTI shall be considered final.

Per DTI-FTEB SPD Permit No. 3298, Series of 2015.
Source: http://www.bpicards.com/RealThrills/Details/2506

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