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Champ (2011)


"NOT MEAN IF YOU GET A CUP, YOU CAN CALL YOURSELF A CHAMPION" That's the impression I get after watching a 133 -minute length movies. Somehow almost all movies starring CHA TAE HYUN popped into my hands and actors SO MY SASSY GIRL PHENOMENAL through this NEVER EVEN DISAPPOINTING me, all that good acting comedy , romantic comedy , sad movies , horror movies , horror movies comedy and film SPORTS smelling like this , he can always touch my heart with so natural acting skills. I present you ANOTHER CHA TAE HYUN GREAT MOVIE, HE IS DEFINITELY A »»»»»» CHAMP.  

Lee Seung Ho ( Cha Tae Hyun ) , A STAR RACE HORSE JOCKEY , must be losing his wife in a car accident , in the accident in which he was driving , he and his daughter Ye Seung ( Kim Seo Jung ) CONGRATULATIONS , but due to the accident she began to slow should gradually losing his eyesight . Raising children alone is certainly not easy especially after the accident he had lost his position as JOCKEY MAIN.

Korean Cinema is very skilled mix of emotions the audience, from the scenes that what we call happiness and jump to the saddest so beautifully presented. Both the plot and scenario runs smoothly and well arranged. Many motivational dialogue, dialogue that adron this movie. Father-son relationship between Seung Ho and Ye Seung also played so beautiful and not too much by Cha Tae Hyun and Actress who played into the PINK LIPSTICK. Kim Seo Jung. Especially for this child actress, I was no to impressed with his role in Korean dramas, PINK LIPSTICK, his eyes still often seen looking at the camera that makes it look less natural, but in this film i have to say her acting really progress well and she is so lovable.

The relationship between humans and animals are featured in this film is also very touching. The film itself was inspired by the true story of a lame horse named "LUNA" which became DOMESTIC RACE HORSE in Korea, even if the selling price is the lowest. Luna was able to finish as a winner in 13 races. Indeed recommended for you sports lover or anyone who felt down and need a boost to get up again.

This film teaches us a lot of positive things to make sense of life.

Champ (2011)


§  Movie: Champ (English title)
§  Revised romanization: Champeu
§  Hangul: 챔프
§  Director: Lee Hwan-Kyung
§  Cast: Cha Tae-hyun, Kim Soo-jung, Yu Oh-seong, Park Ha-sun  
§  Release Date: September 8, 2011
§  Runtime: 133 min.
§  Genre: Drama / Sports
§  Distributor: Showbox/Mediaplex
§  Language: Korean
§  Country: South Korea
§  IMDb: 6.9/10


Two damaged souls race together for the race of their lifetime Horse jockey Seung-ho loses his wife in a fatal car accident. The accident also leaves him practically blind. No longer able to work, he leads an aimless life with his little daughter. Things take turn for the worse when he loses all his savings after trying to cheat at the horse track and flees to a remote ranch in Jeju Island. There he meets a violent and limping horse Woo-bak and he trains the horse ready for race. Against all odds, Seung-ho and Woo-bak finishes first in the preliminaries but when Seung-ho’s blindness is discovered by the officials, they’re disqualified from the finals. Woo-bak rejects all other jockeys and direly awaits Seung-ho to come back. The limping horse and his blind jockey bet everything to race one last time.


Champ (2011)

Champ (2011)

Champ (2011)


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