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The Most Top 10 Weirdest Allergens Ever!

The Most Top 10 Weirdest Allergens…Ever!

It’s mind-boggling how one person can be allergic to something as seemingly harmless as carrots or a puppy. But even more mind-boggling are strange allergies to something as important as water or one’s own child!

From exercise to water to sexual intercourse, we take on a journey to the 10 most strangest allergies.

1. Allergies to own child

For mothers, rearing a child can be a joyous experience, but not always for mothers with pemphigoid gestitionis, a rare condition which usually starts during the second or third trimester of pregnancy and extends to a few months after birthing.

In this condition, the mother suffers excruciating blisters on the tummy, which may extend to other areas in the upper torso.

Their babies may also be born with a similar rash. The blisters usually disappear a few months after, but may leave unsightly dark scars.

2. Cold temperatures

Just as people can suffer from heat sensitivity, there are also those who are hypersensitive to cold temperature.

For these people, exposure to cold food, balmy air or cold water can lead to itchy, swollen skin, and in more serious cases, collapse and death.

3. Exercise

Does someone you know experience debility, itchiness, breathing or swallowing difficulty, nausea and vomiting after exercising? Does he suddenly break out in itchy, red welts or hives? He might be allergic to exercise. 

The condition, called exercise-induced anaphylaxis, affects about one in every 1,000 worldwide. It is seen in people who are allergic to grapes, shellfish, wheat, hazelnut and some medicines (certain antibiotics, supplements,cold and pain medicines).

Allergy attacks happen following an exercise activity after consumption of any of these foods. While it may seem too funny to be true, EIA is no laughing matter. Sufferers may suddenly go into collapse, shock and eventually death, so an epinephrine shot is required at all times.

4. Fruits that were harvested near birch

Some people who are allergic to birch tree may also suffer allergies to certain fruits and vegetables including carrot, hazelnut, celery, apple, kiwi, pear and peaches, especially when they were planted near a birch tree. Known as cross-reactivity, the condition is seen people with hayfever during the peak of seasonal allergies.

Similarly, people who are allergic to ragweed may also be hypersensitive to accessory fruits like cucumber and zucchini as well as melon and banana.

5. Knickers

People who are allergic to underwear are actually not allergic to putting underpants on, but to several fabrics that are normally used to create underwear.

These fabrics include polyester, latex and cotton. Sufferers often develop itchy rashes, red skin and even painful blisters when exposed to such fabric. The solution is simple: find one that doesn’t use any of the offending fabrics. That or go nude. 

6. Modern amenities like cars, mobile phones, microwave and cars

Called electrosensitivity, this type of hypersensitivity causes affected individuals to suffer swollen membranes, headache, painful rashes and a runny nose when they come in close contact to objects that emit electromagnetic pulses such as the things mentioned above. Some even report symptoms when visiting WiFi zones.

7. Semen

Science has taught us that sexual intercourse is beneficial on many levels, but not for people who are allergic to seminal fluid.

A case peculiar to women, human seminal plasma hypersensitivity causes an itchy rash, welts and a burning sensation a few minutes after contact with male semen. In rare extreme cases, death may occur.

Fortunately, for allergic individuals, the disorder can be corrected by a process called desensitization wherein traces of seminal fluid are applied in increasing amounts every few minutes until her body becomes desensitized. Allergy shots may also be given.

8. Sunlight

Solar urticaria is a rare condition where people break out in hives in certain parts of the body including the calf, neck, hands and arms after exposure to sunlight– whether they are all covered up or not.

The UV rays emitted by the sun cause chemical alterations in skin cells, leading to allergic responses. While it’s common during summer and spring, those suffering from severe cases may also experience it during colder months.

9. Touch

The hypersensitivity to pressure and touch, dermatographia or skin writing disease, is a condition where allergic responses like raised swollen bumps and itchy rashes are produced with the lightest of touch.

Statistics reveal that between two and five percent of the global population is affected with this disorder.

10. Water

Medically termed as aquagenic urticaria, this rare condition affects only one in every 23 million individuals worldwide. Majority of sufferers are teens aged 14 to 16.

For them, a brief contact with water is so dangerous that even their own sweat and tears can cause them to break out in painful and itchy rashes that take hours to subside.

Drinking water can prove disastrous too, causing the person’s throat to become inflamed and blistered. People who are reported to have aquagenic urticaria can only handle a minute of bathing and can only drink either carbonated or distilled water.

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