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REC 3: Génesis [Spanish Movie]


If you have seen the 1st and 2nd parts, you'll notice a few matching events between those previous movies and this one. It's another parallel story, not the beginning as you could read from it's title: "Genesis", instead of a genesis, you get a love story that gets caught in the middle of a zombie-possessed infestation.

At some point the shooting style changes from the hand-held camera to director's view, which although refreshing, breaks the sequel style. I think the first two parts were scary, but this one became a mix of action, gore, with a touch of comedy that also breaks the sequel style, specially some illogical behavior under stress situations. Acting was OK, special effects were not disappointing.

The movie is slow, there's more time wasted on introductions and scenery and then you have a few minutes of chaos... I tried my best to like I truly did, again I watched it with an open mind and low expectations. I am certain that this movie will bomb so bad that a final installment maybe canceled or perhaps they will go back to their roots after the angry mob of viewers complain enough to wake the director up.

REC 3: Génesis [Spanish Movie]

  • Movie: REC 3: Génesis
  • Directed by: Paco Plaza
  • Starring: Leticia Dolera, Diego Martín, Ismael Martínez, Àlex Monner, Sr. B, Emilio Mencheta
  • Distributed by:  Filmax international (Spain), Magnolia Pictures (US)
  • Release dates: 30 March 2012
  • Running time: 81 minutes
  • Country: Spain
  • Language: Spanish
  • Budget: €5 million, US$6.4 million
  • Box office: $10,148,447
  • IMDb Ratings: 5.1/10


The film begins by employing a hand-held style as the main protagonists. Following a photo montage of the couple - Koldo and Clara, are about to celebrate their wedding day. The wedding is primarily filmed by Koldo's cousin, Adrián, and their wedding photographer, Atun, plus footage cuts in from other guests' cell phones and cameras. All goes well and the guests travel to the wedding reception, held in a huge mansion, on chartered buses. Guests mingle as Adrián films his uncle, who says he was bitten by a dog, but claims he will be alright.

Inside Koldo surveys the devastated ballroom and ruins of his wedding. He turns up the volume on one of the songs on the dance floor, the song that backed the photo montage, at the start of the film. Clara then grabs a chainsaw and goes to find Koldo as she sees this as a sign. She fights off a horde of infected, but Rafa is bitten in the process by an infected waiter. Clara then proceeds to decapitate him. Clara then runs away from incoming horde of infected. She and Koldo find their way back to each other at last, Koldo spoting her in the tunnel below the kitchen and lowers a ladder. Their reunion is short-lived as a swarm of infected crash into the kitchen. However they all suddenly freeze in place as the priest recites prayers over the P.A. system. Clara and Koldo exit and find more of the infected frozen in place.
As they make their way outside, they are attacked by Koldo's infected grandfather who, being deaf, cannot hear the prayers. Clara is bitten and tells Koldo to cut her arm off before the Infection consumes her. Koldo does so and they leave, seemingly having survived it all. However, when they reach the exit, they discover everything has been quarantined. Clara vomits blood and is ultimately consumed by the infection. Devastated, Koldo picks her up and takes her outside where the police and a GEO team tell him to let her go because she is infected. Clara and Koldo share a final kiss before Clara bites his tongue off and attacks the armed men, who shoot both of them down. In their final moments Clara and Koldo use their last bit of strength to hold each other's hands as they die of their wounds. See Also REC 2007REC 2009

REC 3: Génesis [Spanish Movie]

REC 3: Génesis [Spanish Movie]

REC 3: Génesis [Spanish Movie]


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