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[Rec]² (2009) - Spanish Movie


I am huge fan of the original horror film "REC," which of course inspired the American remake "Quarantine." So of course, once I heard that they were making the sequel I was up for it completely. The first film still scares me to this day, even though I've watched it several times. While I'm not sure I could have the same experience with REC 2, the movie is still a great horror film. REC 2 creatively transforms a zombie movie into a different genre and challenges our preconceptions about zombies. Besides, it is more exciting and frightening than REC because there are more actions and more points of view. In addition, the teenage boy plays his role convincingly and the ending is unpredictable.

REC 2 takes the supernatural elements of the first movie and further explores them, which sets it apart from some similar zombie-type films. No complaints from me there, I enjoyed the expansion of the overall mythos and the added backstory/explanation for some of the people and events of the first film. On the negative side, I did find the new characters introduced in this one to be almost universally unlikable and annoying. Did that ruin the movie? No, but I definitely cared about the well-being and survival of these people less than those that came before. There's also a slight feeling of repetition that comes with using the same location again, but that's understandable considering the direct plot continuance. Basically more of the same, so if you enjoyed the first, there's no real reason why you shouldn't see this. It's not quite up to the same quality, but it's worth checking out to see the interesting direction the story goes in. 

Before watching REC 2, everyone SHOULD watch REC first. May I also kindly remind you to beware of spoilers in discussion forums before you watch it? Enjoy this compelling roller coaster ride! 4 / 5.

[Rec]² (2009) - Spanish Movie

  • Movie: [REC]2
  • Directed by: Jaume Balagueró, Paco Plaza
  • Cast: Manuela Velasco, Jonathan Mellor, Oscar Sánchez Zafra, Ariel Casas, Alejandro Casaseca, Pablo Rosso, Claudia Silva
  • Distributed by: Magnolia Pictures
  • Release dates: 2 October 2009
  • Running time: 85 minutes
  • Country: Spain
  • Language: Spanish
  • Box office: $18,469,680
  • IMDb Ratings: 6.6/10

Dr. Owen (Jonathan Mellor), an official from the Ministry of Health, and a GEO team equipped with helmet-mounted video cameras are sent into a quarantined apartment building to control the situation. After encountering some of the infected, Owen uses religious mantra and rosary to fight them off. It turns out that Owen is actually a priest sent by the Vatican to get a blood sample from a possessed girl named Tristana Medeiros and aid the other priest in charge of her.
When they get to the penthouse, they find out that the infected can travel all around the building through the air ducts. Tristana is nowhere to be found. Larra (Ariel Casas), one of the GEO officers, goes into the air duct and finds a sample of her blood – the only one that the original priest took from her. Owen then performs a religious rite, and the blood spontaneously combusts, confirming that it is the blood he's looking for; however, the rest of the blood also sets on fire and Fernandez, commanding officer of the GEO team drops it, rendering it useless. Owen tells them that they must get a blood sample from Tristana herself.
The ending of the first film is shown, but extended to reveal how the demon possessed Ángela, who went into hiding as Owen and the GEO team broke into the penthouse earlier in the film. See Also REC 2007REC 3 GENESIS

[Rec]² (2009) - Spanish Movie

[Rec]² (2009) - Spanish Movie

[Rec]² (2009) - Spanish Movie


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