Monday, December 1, 2014

Playground: Play Better Than Anyone Else...

The world is becoming smaller and increasingly connected.

Playground: Play Better Than Anyone Else...

Playground is exclusively distributed by Souniq Group, Inc. and is a brainchild of three Filipino Technopreneurs with over 14 years of experience in Telecom distribution and retailing.

Playground’s products are a perfect match for tech savvy individuals who value pioneering, high quality, trendy yet affordable mobile gadget accessories. These individuals are always on the go and want to PLAY BETTER than anyone, anywhere.

Each of playground’s offerings undergo the painstaking process of user testing for durability and usability. While other brands offer a one-month warranty, Playground is the first to go beyond this norm and have extended warranties.


  • PB100 - 2600mAH Fashionable Powerbank Php 890.00.
  • PBS200 - 2500mAH Powerbank+ BT Speaker (3) w/ handsfree calling function Php1,990.00.
  • BW100 - BT Bracelet w/ handsfree function, caller ID, plays music Php 1,990.00.
  • PF100 -   Stainless Steel 2600mAH strong LED flashlight & SOS lamp Php 1,990.00.
  • BW200 - BT WATCH W/ HANDSFREE function, caller ID, read SMS, plays music w/BT push notification Php 2,690.00.
  • WS100 - Wooden Inductive Speaker (3W) Php 990.00.
  • BS100 -  BT Speaker (3W) w/ hansfree calling function & LED backlight Php1,390.00.  
  • PL100 - 2600mAH Powerbank LAzer per Php 990.00
  • PBS100 -  2500mAH Powerbank+ BT Speaker (3W) w/ handsfree calling function Php1,990.00
  • cam100 -  Sports camera, 12 mp, full 1080p HD cam w/ 1.5' lcd w/underwater accessories Php5,990.00
Playground is available in almost all major dealers and malls nationwide.

For More Details and Product Offers Visit:
Website: www.playground.ph | Email Add: playbetter@playground.ph

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