Tuesday, December 23, 2014

6 Things Affect Male Sexuality

Basically, the life of male sexuality awakened on 4 interrelated aspects, namely libido, erection, orgasm, and resolution. Well, anything that affects the fourth aspect? This is what needs to be observed.

6 Things Affect Male Sexuality

1. Fitness body 

This is one of the important capital in order to remain vibrant sex life. Those who are not physically fit despite claiming to healthy, certainly lackluster berintim intimate moment. Therefore strongly encouraged marital actually maintain his fitness. 

2. Sexual Experience 

The most lasting and significant effect is the last sexual experience. If the last sexual intercourse colored disappointment because of her husband's wives suffer from premature ejaculation, sexual intercourse can be sure the next will be more problematic. That's why every sexual intercourse should most qualified attempted to leave a lasting impression that makes the husband or wife longing again. 

3. hormone testosterone 

It is a hormone that is most responsible for the sexual life adam. Once these hormone levels decline, decreased sexual response definitely. That is why, so no erection problems, men are encouraged to check the hormone levels that normally should testoteronnya over 600 figures. 

4. Age 

In terms of age, the peak of human life is 30 years of age. Through the ages it all organs, including sexual function, certainly decreased. But, as long as it can maintain the quality of life, age is not synonymous with sexual void. 

5. Lifestyle 

Those poor lifestyle, most likely sexual ability will decrease drastically once past the age of 30 years. To keep it, inevitably man has to improve lifestyle. Among others, do not eat the excess portion, look at the nutritional balance, fill the adequacy of sleep, exercise and stress management. 

6. Disease 

Essentially any disease would affect the quality of sexual life of every man. But the most troubling diseases and can even suppress sex life is a chronic infection and disease called metabolic syndrome, such as diabetes, obesity, hypertension, high cholesterol and neurological disorders.

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