Sunday, November 30, 2014

Use Your Metrobank Credit Card ANYWHERE And get Free Munchies

ANYWHERE and get Free munchies at Robinsons Supermarket

Use Your Metrobank Credit Card ANYWHERE And get Free Munchies

Promo Mechanics

1. The Promotion is open to all Metrobank Peso Visa/MasterCard, Toyota MasterCard, Robinsons-Cebu Pacific and Go! MasterCard credit cardholders in good standing. The Promotion is not applicable to Metrobank On internet MasterCard, Metrobank Prepaid and Debit cards.

2. The program period is from July 7 to September 30, 2014.

3. For a single charge slip with a minimum valid charge of at least P3,000, get any one (1) of the following product items:

a. One (1) bag of Doritos Chips (198.4g)
b. One (1) bag Cheetos Crunchy (226.8g)
c. One (1) OREO Cookie Pack (246.6g)
d. One (1) Toblerone Bar (100g x 80)
e. Three (3) bottles of C2 flavored drink (1L)

4. Items may be redeemed at the Customer Service area of any Robinsons Supermarket branch.

5. “Valid spending” includes all retail transactions such as, but not limited to, purchases at groceries, department stores, gasoline stations, restaurants, etc.; and merchant installment transactions such as but not limited to installment purchase of appliances, jewelry, etc.

6. Foreign currency transactions and other transactions with no credit card charge slip such as, but not limited to Bills2Pay, Balance Transfer, Cash2Go, Cash Advance, Internet and Mail Order/Telephone Order are excluded from this promotion.

7. To redeem the items, credit cardholders must surrender the original customer copy of the approved charge slips, and present their own Metrobank Peso Visa/MasterCard, Toyota MasterCard, Robinsons-Cebu Pacific and Go! MasterCard in all Supermarkets. This offer is not valid in conjunction with other promotions.

8. Requirement for redemption:

a. Name and card number on the charges slip must be the same as the name and credit card number on the Metrobank Peso Visa/MasterCard, Toyota Master Card, Robinsons-Cebu Pacific and Go! MasterCard presented.
b. Transaction date of the valid charge slip must be within the promo period.
c. Transaction amount of the charge slip must be within the spend requirement stated in the program mechanics of this promotion.
d. Approved charge slips must not have been previously used to claim Robinsons featured items.

9. Charge slips bearing a credit cardholder’s old Metrobank credit card number as a result of a lost or stolen credit card are no longer qualified for redemption. Credit cardholders can redeem a maximum of two (2) charge slips per Metrobank cridet card, per Robinsons Supermarket per day.

10. Splitting of transactions is prohibited and shall not be allowed for redemption. Splitting is defined as an intentional act of dividing a retail or merchant installment transaction into multiple charge slips to redeem more than one reward incentive. Presumption of split transaction is having 2 or more transactions is one merchant outlet or establishment over one and the same product or service, and the interval of these were made within 5-10 minutes.

11. Faded, dilapidated or unreadable charge slips are not valid for redemption. Manual, photocopied or DUPLICATE charge slips will not be accepted for this promotion.

12. MCC and/or Robinsons Supermarket shall not be obliged to recognize or replace any unissued, misplaced, lost, stolen, dilapidated or faded charge slips.

13. Should it be proven that a credit cardholder was able to redeem items without adhering to the above mechanics, the cost of the redeemed items will be charged by MCC to the cardholder’s credit card account.

14. Featured items may be redeemed in all Robinsons Supermarket from July 7, 2014 up to November 30, 2014. Items availability may vary per Robinsons Supermarket branch.

15. Featured items and its corresponding variants cannot be used, combined, bundled or exchanged for other items. Cardholders may only redeem one (1) product item per valid charge slip.

16. The use of the Metrobank Credit Card in connection with this promo is subject to the Terms & Condition governing the issuance of Metrobank Credit Card.

Redeem at the Customer Service area of any Robinsons Supermarket branch.

Items are available in different variants. A cardholder can only choose from the items and variants available at the store at the time of redemption. Should all featured items become unavailable, items of similar price and value will be made available to the cardholder.

Promo is valid from July 7 to September 30, 2014For inquires, please call 8-700-700 or 1-800-1-88-5775 (Domestic Toll-Free). Terms and Conditions apply.

Reminder: When presenting your Metrobank Credit Card, kindly ensure that your card is always within sight. If you notice any irregularities, please call Metrobank Credit Card Hotline immediately.

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