Sunday, January 14, 2018



Directors Showcase
Asintado by Louie Ignacio
Hari ng Tondo by Carlos Siguion-Reyna/Bibeth Orteza
Hustisya by Joel Lamangan
The Janitor by Michael Tuviera
Kasal by Joselito Altarejos

New Breed Full Length Feature
#Y by Gino Santos
1st ko si 3rd by Real Florido
Bwaya by Francis X.E. Pasion
Children’s Show by Roderick Cabrido
Dagitab (Sparks) by Giancarlo Lauro C. Abrahan V
K’na, The Dreamweaver by Ida Anita Del Mundo
Mariquina by Milo Sogueco
Ronda by Nick Olanka
Separados by GB Sampedro
Sundalong Kanin by Denise O’Hara/Janice O’Hara

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This boulangerie impresses with a line of light eats and breakfast favorites. The day’s fresh bakes and pastries can be seen through a glass display counter beside the register. The selection is concise, buth comprehensive with viennoiserie, quick breads, and cake. Meaer seating and dim lighting keep the place intimate, which makes Lucca the perfect go-to when you’re looking for peace and quiet in crowded SM Megamall.


Me & my daughter Mazy

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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Calamba, Laguna Adventure

Calamba, Laguna Adventure

Calamba officially known as the City of Calamba and often referred to as Calamba City, is a component city of Laguna, Philippines. It is the regional center of the CALABARZON region. It is situated 54 kilometres (34 mi) south of Manila, the city is known as the Resort Capital of the Philippines because of its numerous hot spring resorts, most of which are located in Barangay Pansol, Bucal and Bagong Kalsada.

Calamba, Laguna Adventure

Rizal Shrine

The Jose Rizal Shrine in Calamba, Laguna, the birthplace of the Philippines’ national hero, is one of the most frequented historical and tourist sites in Laguna. An average of 270,000 tourists visit this shrine annually. According to the National Historical Institute (NHI), “It was in that house that the boy (Jose Rizal) was shaped and molded and who would become the finest expression of his race.”

Calamba, Laguna Adventure

Calamba’s Giant Clay Pot

The name of the city comes from a legend that during the early time of the Spanish period in the country, two “guardias civil” or soldiers were lost and passing through what is now Calamba. The soldiers met a young lady who came from a river carrying a jar of water and a wooden stove. The soldiers unwittingly in Spanish language and in authoritative tone, to conceal the fact that they were lost, asked the local maiden the name of the place they were in. The lady, who speaks only her native language, naturally thought she was being interrogated about what she was carrying and nervously uttered “kalan-banga”, meaning “clay stove” (kalan) and “water jar” (banga). Because the Spaniards could not pronounce it properly, the town has been called Calamba supposedly since then. This legend is immortalized with a large concrete water jar erected in the city plaza with the names of the city’s barangays written on its surface. It is considered the “World’s Biggest Claypot”. This same jar is also found in the city’s seal. The plaza was proposed by Dr. Agapito Alzona, then the town councilor to utilize the waste area where the old town market relocated from. The resolution was approved by the then town mayor Roman Lazaro and added additional P5,000 for the fence to the original P15,000 construction cost. It was completed in 1939.

Calamba, Laguna Adventure

St. John the Baptist Parish Church

St. John the Baptist Parish Church (Filipino: Simbahan ng Parokya ni San Juan Bautista), commonly known as Calamba Church, is the oldest Roman Catholic church in Calamba, Laguna, Philippines. It is located adjacent to Rizal Shrine and is known as the christening site of José Rizal. The current parish priest is Rev. Msgr. Jose D. Barrion.

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Saturday, April 8, 2017

The Iscreamist Adventure


The Iscreamist is an ice cream shop that practices this ‘food art’ (or should I say ‘food science’) by making use of Liquid Nitrogen and ‘flash freezing’.

This is a very small ice cream store located in Magiting Street near Maginhawa Street. In fact, it’s so small that it can only accommodate about 10-15 diners at a time so a line of people waiting to be seated is inevitable. On the plus side, the place looks like a miniature laboratory where Pillow Legs (who is a chem grad) instantly felt at home. It also ‘pumps you up’ for the upcoming science-infused desserts.

The Iscreamist is available Monday through Sunday from 1:00PM – 10:00PM with the last seating at 9:45PM. Unfortunately, space is limited and The Iscreamist can only accomodate 15 diners at a time so seating is on a first-come, first-served basis.

46 D Magiting Street, Teacher’s Village, East Diliman,
1101 Diliman District, Quezon City, Philippines

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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Metrobank Credit Cards: Free Red Ribbon and Greenwich Treats

Eligible Cards: All Metrobank credit cards except Metrobank ON Internet Mastercard and Metrobank Dollar Mastercard. Not applicable to YAZZ prepaid card and Metrobank debit and prepaid cards.

Promo Period: February 22, 2017 to May 15, 2017
Redemption Period: February 22, 2017 to July 14, 2017

Metrobank Credit Cards: Free Red Ribbon and Greenwich Treats

FREE Red Ribbon and Greenwich treats when you spend anywhere with your Metrobank credit card.

Promo Mechanics

1. The  Promotion  is  open  to  all  Metrobank  Peso  Classic, Gold, Platinum Visa/Mastercard, Robinsons Mastercard, Toyota Mastercard and PSBank Credit Mastercard cardholders in good standing. The Promotion is not applicable to Metrobank Corporate cards, ON Internet Mastercard, YAZZ Prepaid Visa, Metrobank Dollar cards, Metrobank Prepaid and Debit cards.
2. The  program  period  is  from  February  22  to  May  15,  2017.  Redemption  period  is  from  February  22 to  July  14, 2017.

3. For a single charge slip with a minimum straight or merchant installment spend of P3,000, get any one of the following for FREE:

A. 3 pcs. Red Ribbon Mamon (any flavor)
B. 3 pcs. Red Ribbon Cheesy Ensaimada
C. 1 Greenwich Lasagna Supreme Snack Size (ala carte)
D. 1 Greenwich 6” Solo Ultimate Overload Pizza (choose any Overload pizza)

4. For  a  single  charge  slip  with  a  minimum  merchant  installment  spend  of  P25,000,
get  any  one  of  the following for FREE:

A. 1 Red Ribbon Regular cake (Chocolate Mousse, Ultimate Chocolate cake, Ube cake)
B. 1 Greenwich 12” Barkada size Overload Pizza (choose any Overload pizza)

5. “Valid spending” includes all retail transactions such as, but not limited to, purchases at groceries, department stores,  gasoline stations,  restaurants,  etc.;  and  merchant installment  transactions  such  as  but not  limited  to installment purchase of appliances, jewelry, etc. that have been actually charged against avalid Metrobank credit card of a Cardholder during the promo period.

6. Other  transactions  with  no  credit  card  charge  slip  such  as,  but  not  limited  to:  Bills2Pay,  Balance  Transfer, Cash2Go,  Cash  Advance,  Internet  and  Mail  Order/Telephone  Order  are  excluded  from  this  promotion. Foreign currency  transactions  will  only  be  accepted  if  the  foreign  currency  charge  slip  bears  the  Philippine Peso  value equivalent of the transaction.

7. To claim the free Red Ribbon or Greenwich treats, cardholders must surrender the original customer copy of the approved charge slip worth at  least  P3,000 and present the Metrobank credit card used for  the purchase  at the front  counter  of  participating Red Ribbon  or  Greenwich  branches.  This  offer  is  not  valid in  Red  Ribbon  NAIA branches and  Greenwich  food  court  stores  (except  SM  Megamall  Food  Court),  City mall outlets and  kiosks.  The promo is not valid in conjunction with other promotions of similar program mechanics. Claiming of treats shall be done at Red Ribbon or Greenwich Dine -In or Take Out counters only.

8. Requirements for redemption:

A. Name and card number on the charge slip must be the same as the name and card number on the Metrobank Peso  Classic,  Gold,  Platinum  Visa/Mastercard,  Robinsons Mastercard,  Toyota Mastercard  and  PSBank Credit Mastercard presented.

B. Transaction date of the valid charge slip must be within the promo period.

C. Transaction amount of the charge slip must be within the spend requirement stated in the Terms & Conditions of this promotion.

D. Approved charge slips must not have been previously used to claim Red Ribbon or Greenwich treats.

E. Faded, dilapidated or unreadable charge slips are not valid for redemption.

F. Manual, photocopied or DUPLICATE charge slips will not be accepted for this promotion.

G. Charge slips bearing cardholder’s old Metrobank credit card number as a result of a lost or stolen credit card are no longer qualified for redemption.

9. Cardholders can only redeem a maximum of two (2) Red Ribbon and two (2) Greenwich treats per store,
per visit, per day at any Red Ribbon or Greenwich store. A Metrobank cardholder may only redeem a maximum of two (2) redemptions regardless of the number of unique Metrobank credit cards a cardholder owns.

10. Splitting of transactions is prohibited and shall not be allowed for redemption. Splitting is defined as an intentional act  of  dividing  a  retail  or  merchant  installment  transaction into multiple  charge  slips  to  redeem more  than  one reward incentive. Split transactions is presumed when there are 2 or more transactions in one merchant outlet or establishment over one and the same product or service, and the interval of these transactions were made within 5 to10 minutes.

11. Metrobank  Card  Corporation  (MCC)  reserves  the  right  to  disqualify  a  previously  approved  transaction  that was cancelled or charged back with in the program period. Should the cardholder receive the incentive but was later on deemed  unqualified  for  not  meeting  the  requirements  of  the  incentives  due  to  disputes arising  from  erroneous, invalid,  fraudulent  or  unauthorized  transactions,  the  cost  ofthe  incentive  shall  be charged  by  MCC  to  the cardholder’s credit card account.

12. MCC and/or Red Ribbon or Greenwich shall not be obliged to recognize or replace any unissued, misplaced, lost, stolen, dilapidated or faded charge slips.

13. The  use  of  the  Metrobank  Credit  Card  in  connection  with  this  promo  is  subject  to  the  Terms  &  Conditions governing the issuance of Metrobank Credit Card.

14. In case of dispute in respect to the cardholder’s eligibility, actual charge slips presented, etc., MCC’s decision shall prevail. All questions or disputes regarding the cardholder’s eligibility for the promo or for any  redemption shall be resolved by MCC at its discretion with the concurrence of DTI.
Reminder: When  presenting  your  Metrobank  Credit  Card,  kindly  ensure  that  your  card  is  always  within  sight. If you notice any irregularities, please call the Metrobank Credit Card Hotline immediately.
Per DTI-FTEB SPD Permit No.2531,Series of 2017.
Supervised by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas
Telephone number: (632)708-7087
E-mail Address:

Source: Metrobank Credit Card
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